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Bedford Cosmetic Dentistry for Beautiful Smiles

Brunette woman smilingAmazing advances in dental technologies and techniques have allowed our team at Hendricksen & White Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to create more dazzling results for our aesthetic-minded patients than ever before. The way your smile looks says a lot about you, and studies have even shown that people with straight, white teeth are typically perceived by peers as being more confident, more successful, and more attractive. Here in Goode, VA, Dr. Hendricksen and Dr. White are happy to offer several cosmetic dentistry services that can help you finally achieve the look of your dreams.

All-Ceramic Restorations

No one should have to choose between their oral health and the beautiful look of their smile. Instead, our patients in Bedford County can have the best of both worlds with our all-ceramic restorations. Crafted from high-quality, tooth-colored materials, they have the power to blend seamlessly with your natural enamel providing damaged or worn teeth the structure and strength they need to thrive.

Since the core material of all-ceramic crowns is the color of a tooth instead of metal, these restorations have all the translucency and luster of natural teeth. They even reflect light in the same way! Patients don’t have to worry about the dark metal bands that form near the gum line with metal restorations.

When a filling isn’t enough to treat an area of decay, Dr. Hendricksen and Dr. White recommend using a porcelain inlay or onlay instead. These restorations conserve the healthy tooth and bone strengthening its structure over time. Additionally, the biocompatible quality allows them to last longer than regular fillings. Our Goode, VA office typically recommends inlays and onlays if the cusp of a tooth needs to be better supported or if one third or more of the tooth in questions is already composed of filling material.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you’ve have metal amalgam fillings placed in the past that marred the otherwise natural look of your smile, Dr. Hendricksen and Dr. White have good news for you – our Goode, VA practice now specializes in tooth-colored fillings. Made from quality composite resin, we precisely shade and sculpt this material over the treated area so it beautifully blends with the enamel. Tooth-colored fillings are also more conservative than traditional ones allowing you to maintain more of your tooth’s natural strength and structure. These tooth-colored restorations are also less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

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