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Healthy Smiles in Goode & Bedford with Preventive Dentistry

Goode Preventive Dentistry Father and son brushing teethOur hope for you is that your experience of dental damage, decay, and pain over the years is minimal. Better yet, Dr. Ronald Hendricksen, Dr. White, and the rest of the team at Hendricksen & White Cosmetic & Family Dentistry would like nothing more than to be trusted partners through this journey. With personalized preventive services, we keep a close eye on your smile and find potential issues at the earliest possible stages so your treatment is simple. Patients of all ages are welcome! 

Check-ups & Cleanings

We strongly recommend that children and adults alike attend at least two evaluations and hygiene appointments at our Goode office a year. This allows our team to closely inspect your teeth, gums, bite, and other oral structures to determine if any change or damage occurred since your last visit. By locating potential problems at the earliest stages, we minimize discomfort and offer easy treatments that save you money. Additionally, we determine whether or not you need a nightguard to protect against bruxism, a common and damaging condition that’s also known as teeth grinding. Adults should routinely undergo an oral cancer screening so that any potentially cancerous cells can be located and tested for your safety.

An in-depth cleaning from one of our excellent hygienists keeps your teeth refreshed and polished. Over time, plaque that’s missed by regular brushing and flossing turns into hard deposits known as calculus. These deposits can’t be removed through regular at-home oral hygiene, which is why it’s important to have them cleared away by a professional. We want you to leave with a smile that looks and feels better than ever! 

Dental Sealants

We love caring for little smiles in Bedford County, and our team offers several pediatric services that help protect your child’s teeth from damage and decay. Dental sealants, for instance, are perfect for sealing deep pits and grooves that trap food particles on back molars. All Dr. Hendricksen or Dr. White has to do is paint the tough plastic material over the surface and harden it with a light in a matter of minutes. There’s no discomfort involved for your little one whatsoever, and they continue brushing and flossing while having a little extra help in the process.

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