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Same-Day Emergency Dentistry in Goode

Young man holding cheek in painWhen a dental emergency happens, it can be frightening, painful, and often inconvenient. What you need most is a trusted team to fall back on for support during this trying time, and here at Hendricksen & White Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we strive to be that team for families and patients of all ages. Dr. Ronald Hendricksen and Dr. White offers same-day emergency service so you can receive the personalized attention and much-needed relief in an exceptional timeframe. We welcome everyone from Goode, Forest, Bedford County, and beyond!

We also provide guidance on how to manage you or your child’s emergency until you’re able to reach our office. Here are a few helpful tips for some of the most common situations we see:

Broken Tooth

Rinse the area with water right away. A cold compress held against the appropriate cheek should reduce any swelling until you reach us.

Knocked Out Tooth

If you still have the tooth, rinse it carefully and place it back into its socket. If this isn’t possible, place it in a baggie or cup of milk instead. Once you arrive, Dr. Hendricksen can determine if reattachment is a viable option.

Painful Toothache

Rinse your mouth and floss thoroughly around the hurting tooth. There may be something stuck that’s causing the discomfort. If you find nothing and the pain is persisting, contact our office right away.

Knocked Out Temporary Crown

Take a small dab of toothpaste or a tiny piece of dental adhesive and place it over the tooth in question. Then, carefully reattach the crown. This serves as a temporary solution until you reach Dr. Hendricksen.

If you or a loved one is experiencing heavy oral bleeding or a possible broken jaw, please proceed straight to your nearest emergency room for treatment. If broken or lost teeth were suffered in the incident, be sure to call our Goode, VA office so we can help with quality replacements or restorations.

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